When you wanna do something and that little impulse goes off in your brain and says "Ooh, don’t do it!", you gotta go for it. That’s how you’re gonna be the person you wanna be. - Lady Gaga

@ladygagaWe ate and enjoyed Hookah in the middle of the desert. The women gave us Henna, and we rode camels in the moonlight. The belly dancer was sensational. I’m overwhelmed by the kindness everyone has show us.

@ladygagaNo matter where I go this gypsy is a #monster4life

@ladygagaReal life ravers having fun in the sun! #happybirthdayIan #fighter

@ladygagaAll my dancers inspire me everyday, but this is an extra special baby

@ladygagaI threw a bday bash for my dancer and bestie of 6 years Ian On the right! Asi-love on the left. Beach party with elegant BBQ and flowers for days!

@ladygaga: He was so surprised!